My name is Elizabeth Hauke and I work as a freelance science and medical multimedia engagement specialist. That is a fancy way of saying that I help scientists and doctors communicate better with each other and the general public.

Previously I’ve focussed on producing communication ‘products’ – whether that’s podcasts, videos or live events. The trouble is, no matter how good the ‘product’ is technically, it depends on the quality of the ‘content’ as to whether any one wants to listen or watch. So I’ve realised that time needs to be spent on creating great stories and developing narratives that will engage and endure beyond the scope of the individual product.

I now have a professional focus on ‘story-telling for scientists’ and run workshops and training programmes to this effect.

As a result of this change in focus in my professional life, I’m trying to broaden my experience of other people’s stories and their ideas about narrative. I’m coming at the whole issue of narrative from a very focussed starting point (creating stories in science), so I want to reach as far beyond this as possible to develop my thinking.

I’m not a natural reader of the humanities – I’ve done degrees in medicine and neurosciences – and I always find the ratio of facts to words a little challenging in humanities non-fiction reading. Well, even in the fiction reading actually. So I want to use this blog to document my reading and hopefully thinking as I explore this really interesting topic.


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