Old Ettlinger Postcards

These are old Ettlinger postcards (Max Ettlinger & Co. England, E. C. & New York. Series 7180).

They were posted on 25th July 1907 with a halfpenny stamp. One to Master D Hewitt and one to Miss Mary Hewitt at Grewelthorpe Vicarage, Ripon. From a Mrs Kruckenberg with love.

I think these are amazing and I can’t believe that they’re over 100 years old.

Frederick Thomas Kruckenberg was the vicar of Grewelthorpe from 1882 to 1889 (before this, in 1871, he was living in Lewisham). His wife was called Mary and he had four children РJames, Louisa, Francis and Frederick). So my Mrs Kruckenberg could be Mary or Louisa. In the 1889 census, Sophia and the children were not living with Frederick in Grewelthorpe, although they were all living together again in 1901, in Bradford.

According to the 1911 census, the vicarage was occupied by the Rev F Hewitt in that year (presumably with his children Master D and Miss Mary). He was involved in organising the celebrations for the coronation of  George 5th and Queen Mary in that year.

Most of this information has been gathered from the Grewelthorpe website, which is a treasure trove of local history and information.


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