Morandi Still Life

As an experiment, I wanted to take this image by Morandi and try to ‘read’ different elements of the image. Perhaps these were part of the message that the painter was trying to convey. Perhaps not. More likely they are coloured by my own life experience. I’m not going to try to do much with my interpretations, just list them below.

  • Heightened, tall and thin
  • Cityscape, industrial, chimney stacks
  • Towering over squat additions
  • Dusky, dirty, sooty and dark
  • Soft but stark
  • Isolated, lonely
  • Forgotten
  • Single ray, sunshine in a jar, pat of butter, doesn’t belong
  • Featureless yet featureful

Would it be possible to entwine these impressions into a narrative inspired by the image? A story? A poem?

Just to say a bit about the artist:

Giorgio Morandi (July 20, 1890 – June 18, 1964) was an Italian painter and printmaker who specialized in still life. His paintings are noted for their tonal subtlety in depicting apparently simple subjects, which were limited mainly to vases, bottles, bowls, flowers and landscapes.

from Wikipedia


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