Art = fire + algebra — Jorge Luis Borges


One thought on “Art=fire+algebra

  1. Algebra, according to Wikipedia, comes from the Arabic al-jebr, which means the union of broken parts. When I saw that I was like WHOA this fits in perfectly with Borges’s little ditty here. It surely forms a striking mental image, but with that in mind I’m questioning the potential meanings. I’m sure JLB was using it metaphorically – the combination of passion and logic. But then what of the symbolic code of mathematics? What symbolic code? Exactly. The semantics of math are probably the most rigid of any potential language, at least in the vein of algebra. Fire, on the other hand, has received buzillions of meanings at least. Fluidity and rigidity. Destruction and union. Warmth and coldness. Definitely worth chewing on further…

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